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Go-Getters: It's All About Results, Results, Results

And you don't have time to waste ...


This will be a short blog post this week because I am talking directly to the Go-Getters as you are people who want results and don't have time to waste ...

You'll need to adapt to the Go-Getter's style rather than expect them to adapt to you!

You'll need to adapt to the Go-Getter's style rather than expect them to adapt to you!

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Whilst we are all a unique mixture of different ways of being, we tend to have a preference for one of four styles of behaviour. It's the way we usually get what we want.

When relating to others, being this focused can mean we miss opportunities or get frustrated with others who don't have the same style as we do.

And you Go-Getters are those fast-paced people who like to get on with the job at hand. You always look for quick decisions that get tangible results.

"You aim to be the best and expect
that of others too!"

What is the point of being anything less than the gold standard? You manage your time ferociously and while you delegate the detail, you have a disconcerting habit of suddenly giving something laser focus if the reward is high enough.

People notice when you are in the room, people may say you power dress, but you would prefer it if people recognised how important it is to be well groomed.

You hate to waste your time so like people to be direct and get on with whatever reason the interaction is for. Once you have achieved your objective, you want to be able to get away and onto the next important thing in your life. As a result, others can see you as intimidating or even rather rude.

"Do I still have your attention?
Good, read on!"

I'd value your advice to others on how they can best relate to you so that you both get the results you want. If you have a different style and find Go-Getters hard work, you can also read on.

I'll give you one top tip for working with Go-Getters: adapt your style to their way of operating before expecting them to adjust to your way. You will find it easier to do than they will and they will respond once they see what's in it for them.

But why bother? First ask yourself, "What's in it for me?" Now, that really is a Go-Getter question:

  1. You will know where you are with a Go-Getter. They are direct and will make decisions quickly. No messing around wondering if they are going to work with you or not. It will be yes or no and exactly what they will and will not do.

  2. They will follow through and quickly. If they say they will do something it gets done (or they delegate someone else to do it).

  3. They are success focused and will appreciate and reward the results that they get from working with you.

So how can you adapt?

Be brave. Overcome any feelings of intimidation and make the approach. A Go-Getter has little time for the timid in business as they want to see you as confident and knowledgeable in your field and worthy of their respect, time and help. Be prepared to say what you can't do as well as what you can.

Be direct. Resist your worries about coming over as rude when you don't spend the first five minutes talking pleasantries. Get straight down to the business at hand and save the courtesies to the end when you say thank you. Oh, and don't string out the goodbyes either!

Act quickly. Follow up immediately with a brief response and do whatever you said you would do straight away. They won't want to know the details or interim reports and certainly no excuses. It's not that they don't care, they just get frustrated with excuses.

Give results. Resist the temptation to give interim reports on how you did things and your problems. Just feedback results. For example, "As promised, John Smith of ABC Limited would love the hear from you about ... Here's his number. He's away until Wednesday next week."

Take their advice seriously. If you're just using them as a sounding board, make that clear as they will expect you to act on their advice. They get extremely frustrated if you don't and then make excuses for the results. Do remember to acknowledge their input for your great results!

"My next three blog posts will look at the other behavioural styles so sign up to make sure you don't miss your style!"

Are you fascinated to learn more about how to influence people with different styles? To get the quickest results from using this material come on my workshop this January. Click here to get more information and book your place.

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