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What Is The Best Language To Use ...

To attract your target clients?

Posted on: 27/03/2013   By: Jacky Sherman

Speaking at my recent ''Tips for a Tenner'' event Kerry Newman from Contented Solutions gave us a very powerful message. First be clear who your target clients are, as only then can you choose the language and style that speaks to them ...

photo by helen partridge of livebythelens.com

photo by helen partridge of livebythelens.com

Now I love it when the audience at my events has an "Aha" moment and so I was thrilled when Karen Shakespeare shared with me her moment from Kerry's talk.

"I'm so glad I came to your 'Tips For A Tenner' event. My 'aha' moment was thanks to Kerry who helped me realise where the obstacles to my success have been. Trying to communicate with two entirely different audiences using the same language has meant I haven't successfully connected with either of them. I'm excited at the prospect of focusing on the specific needs of my two target groups and adapting my communications with them."

Karen is a solicitor who specialises in wills and probates and works as a consultant for other law firms as well as directly with clients. So it's easy to see how her two messages need to be expressed quite differently. I look forward to seeing how she approaches this and I believe she will be asking Kerry for some more help!

That event had 11 speakers; all experts in a different aspect of how to present a positive business image. Apart from a very broad subject area, I gave no brief and none of the speakers had briefed each other. So it was great to hear the same clear message being expressed in different ways coming from them all.

To identify and understand your clients and potential clients and present yourself in a manner that resonates with them. This is the foundation of everything I teach too and was the subject of last week's blog calleed "Aha! So that's who she wants to meet".

So my thanks to all my 11 Expert speakers.

What a Network!

If you want some help identifying your target market and making your message clearer to both your customers and your referral sources then I'm running a workshop on that exact subject on April 26th. You really should come along!

It may be a great idea to call me on +44 (0) 1908 678229 or even click here to ping over an email and let's get you booked on.

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