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How Can A Tax Planner Help A Travel Counsellor?

Well he could refer her to his clients ...

Posted on: 22/01/2014   By: Jacky Sherman

I can picture the panic racing round his brain right now. On the whole, tax planners are very good at networking with other financial service providers like accountants, IFA's and insurance brokers as they quite naturally group together ...

If you're a tax planner, could you refer them to a travel advisor to arrange the trip of a lifetime with the money you just saved them?

If you're a tax planner, could you refer them to a travel advisor to arrange the trip of a lifetime with the money you just saved them?

You often see them huddled together at networking or social events talking shop. They speak the same language, understand each other and can easily introduce each other into the conversation with their clients. But a travel counsellor?

As a Finance person, how the heck do you introduce a travel counselor to your clients? Step back a moment and think it through ...

You've just worked through with your client their tax planning and as a result saved them a considerable amount of money. They are feeling very mellow and your relationship is as good as it can get. Now might be the time to get into a conversation that leads to discovering what they are going to do with that extra money.

  • Maybe their daughter's getting married? "who's organizing the honeymoon or transporting the guests to Antigua?"

  • How about taking your wife on that round the world trip she's always wanted? "Sounds like an awful lot of organizing to stop that going wrong?"

  • Buying a boat to sail around the Med? "Where are you sailing to? How do you organize insurance, sightseeing trips?"

  • Always wanted to do an extreme ballooning trip across Antarctica? "Gosh, how do you make that happen?"

If you had the right Travel Counsellor in your network you could say "I know someone who can help you with that!"

Now the panic has swapped to the Travel Counsellor! How can she help the Tax Planner in return? Step back a moment and think it through.

You've just suggested a trip for your client and they wistfully say it a bit too much. They've just had a huge tax bill. You ask when they last had a tax advisor check out their tax affairs. You know someone who will give them an audit for free. Your last client went ballooning across Antarctica on the money they saved!

So my tip for the week is this: Whatever your target market, add a bit of lateral thinking to your networking strategy. Widen and strengthen your network of business contacts to include everyone who works with, or sells to, your type of client.

Why not play this game with a colleague? Brain storm a list of at least 20 of the following:

  1. If you sell luxury products or services who else wants to meet private individuals who have a considerable disposable income?

  2. If you have a totally different client base who else sells to them?

How can you meet these people and develop a referral relationship with them?

If your answer is "I don't know" then call me on 07970 638857 because I do know and would love to share that knowledge with you and introduce you to some of the right people!

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