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Networking Tips: Focus On Your Mission Statement

And 2014 can be spectacular ...

Posted on: 01/01/2014   By: Jacky Sherman

At this time of the year, countless blog posts and messages come out from companies on the importance of planning for the New Year. I do it too - and my very first blog post, exactly a year ago, was my plan for last year ...

My mission statement is pretty comprehensive and if I stay focussed on it and build my 2014 plan around it, I'm going to have a spectacular year!

My mission statement is pretty comprehensive and if I stay focussed on it and build my 2014 plan around it, I'm going to have a spectacular year!

Did I achieve everything that I set out to achieve? Um, no. So, what stopped me? Well, me actually. Fortunately, I took steps half way through the year to get back on the right course and things dramatically improved.

What was the difference? I re-focused my actions around my Mission Statement. After all, that is what I set up the business to do wasn't it? It had two effects.

  1. It stopped me flitting around like a butterfly from one initiative to another and confusing myself and others. (Thanks are due to Paul Green who pointed this out to me).

  2. It changed my view of what success would look like. It became less a numbers game and more about making a real difference to people's lives, which is the underlying purpose of my life. And guess what? The right numbers started to emerge.

So my business networking tip for you this year is to write your plan for this year around your Mission Statement. Here's a summary of my plan to show you what I mean:

  1. To attract business people based in the Northamptonshire area who want to work collaboratively with other like-minded people. They will be experts in their own field, so are highly referrable and enjoy helping others to succeed as well as themselves. I will do this by:

    • Briefing my eight referral partners to introduce me to the people they know who are like this.

    • Motivating these partners by helping them with what they want to achieve.

    • Sharing my knowledge through this blog to attract other people to join us.

    • Sharing my knowledge through speaking engagements at networking and other events throughout the year.

    • Helping my wider referral sources at my regular networking groups to meet the right people to help them.

  2. To provide the environment, support and relevant knowledge to ensure my clients develop a personal network that attracts the right customers for them. I will do this by:

    • Holding 9 Link and Learn events over the year bringing together people who share similar target clients groups.

    • Providing 4 workshops for those undecided on who their target market should be.

    • Providing 4 Referral Success 101 courses to assist business people to understand the basic steps in referral marketing success.

    • Running 4 quarterly Certified Networker courses to groups of clients who want to develop the right skills and knowledge to grow their own network of referral partners.

    • To invite these clients together on my Referral for Life programme so we develop sustainable, prosperous business communities within the Northamptonshire area.

    • Identify and recruit a suitable trainer to join me in the business so that I can expand these activities to a wider group of business people.

  3. To walk the talk so that I, like my clients have a spectacular life through these endeavours. I will do this by:

    • Applying the methods I teach to my own Strategic Referral Marketing Plan.

    • Continuously updating my own skills and knowledge through immersion in programmes run for franchisees by the Referral Institute.

    • Work with my business advisor Paul Green and my accountant Roger Eddowes to hold me to account, keep me on track and ensure my business is sustainable.

Do I have more detailed numbers behind these statements? Of course! I have sales forecasts, P&L budgets, cash flow projections and cost reduction programmes just like anyone else. However these are to support my plans rather than being ends in themselves.

Are you worried that your business networking just isn't as effective as it should be, even with the great networking tips you can find in this blog? Call me on +44 (0) 7970 638857 because business networking done right leads you to a spectacular life and, after all, isn't that why we're in business in the first place?

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