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The Power Of Community

Together we're brilliant ...

Posted on: 17/12/2014   By: Jacky Sherman

Rather a short blog post for me this week as I was searching Google for quotes about the impact of community to include on a recent presentation. I found plenty of clever words but nothing that really inspired me, until ...

Sums up the power of community!

Sums up the power of community!

I remembered a story a businessman told me a few years ago. When giving an award to a project some young people with learning difficulties had completed, he asked one of them what he thought about the project. The instant reply was "on our own we're rubbish, together we're brilliant!".

Great quote! What this young man said sums up the power of community perfectly and embraces everything I believe in. I found it truly inspirational.

So do you think that young man thinks he's rubbish now? I don't think so!

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