Networking Skills: The Benefits Of Focus In Your Networking

It's a fundamental networking skill to know whether you should appeal to a wide range of clients, or focus in ...

It seems to be the single most challenging thing for the small business owner to put into practice when networking for referrals, or any form of marketing or lead generation come to that.

It usually comes down to one of three reasons:

- First is fear. Fear that others will pass you over for work you could do. If you had enough of the clients you really wanted would you care?

- Second is evangelism. That everyone will benefit from the amazing products or services you have to offer. Is what you’re offering something everyone wants to buy?

- Third is novelty. You like variety and dread getting bored with all clients being the same. Are any two clients really identical?

So let’s look at the benefits of focusing on one particular type of client and how that can address those reasons and much more.

- Make it easy to spot an opportunity for you

If you’re networking and asking others to introduce you to potential clients, you need to make it easy for them to do so. The clearer the picture of one of your ideal customers and why they need your services, the easier it is for people to spot them in their busy day. By the way, it’s easier for you too!

- Know who you need in your network

You can identify the people who are able to refer you. You can identify and develop relationships with people who know lots of those sorts of people. If you’re both fishing in the same pond, but for different reasons, you can both refer to each other.

- Know where to network

You can focus on attending events where either your potential clients go or the people who know your clients go. That will save you huge amounts of time and frustration.

- Present the right image

You can gear your marketing messages in the language, style and images that speaks to your potential clients. That makes them far more likely to buy from you and gives your referrers confidence that you are the right person to introduce to their contacts.

- Become known as a specialist

People seek out a specialist especially when facing a real challenge. This means you get variety in your work and feel that you’re really adding value that others can’t. Your referrers feel proud to know and refer to the guru in your field ( that’s you by the way). Last but not least you can charge premium prices for your services.

- Your business will grow

There is an adage which works for most businesses. The top 10% of your clients earn you 80% of your income and the bottom 10% of your clients waste 80% of your time. If you focus on winning more clients like your top 10% your whole business will move up a gear. You’ll be working with more people you want to work with , doing the things for them you really enjoy delivering and dealing with less crises and hassle.

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