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The Consultant's Consultant

Are you running a stand-alone consultancy? Unsure of what to do next? Using a
unique mixture of coaching, mentoring, teaching and facilitation, I can support you whether you've just come out of employment or are struggling to grow further

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Latest Blog Posts

Over the years, I have written many blog posts on a wide variety of business development subjects for consultants. Here are the latest three

Networking: I Don't Do Small Talk!

It's a common reason given by people who dislike networking because they see the banality of talking about nothing ...

Marketing Statistics For New And Seasoned Solo Consultant

If we learnt one thing from our response to the pandemic, it was how important other people are to our wellbeing ...

Second Guessing Can Cost You Referrals

It's fair to say that a large proportion of potential referrals to good people running great businesses are missed ...

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