Networking Skills: Why Aren't People Referring To Me?

When I started networking to win business, I quickly grasped the concept of Givers Gain®. I give you business and you'll return the favour ...

So, I gave and I gave and I gave, and quickly learnt that on its own, Givers Gain® doesn't work very well. My early experience was filled with disappointment as my fellow networkers delivered very little for me.

What I learned from this experience was that people need to be able and willing to refer me. Here's a quick checklist you can use to manage your own expectations about what other people can offer you. Then you can concentrate on giving to the right people.

I want to end with reference to my favourite business author. Social Psychologist Adam Grant in his book Give and Take makes this point: "The most successful people in business are high givers, however, the least successful people in business are also high givers."

The difference is the successful people also look after their own interests and give to other givers. The least successful people give indiscriminately and discount their own needs. So, be choosy about your referral relationships and check out the people in any networking group you belong to. Are they the right people for you to help and who will reciprocate and help you in return?

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