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I Don't Need Training, I Know How To Network!

There's always room for improvement ...

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Last Friday, I spent the day with my Asentiv colleagues from around the UK. We meet every quarter to work on our own personal development and it is a time to refresh, learn something new and unlearn unproductive habits that inevitably creep in ...

No matter how good you are, there's always room for improvement!

No matter how good you are, there's always room for improvement!

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As often happens with these types of days, I got one little nugget over coffee that really resonated with me. And it wasn't something earth-shatteringly new, it was a simple explanation of what value we offer experienced networkers that I had forgotten.

"A thank you to my colleague Dave Verburg from Liverpool for the reminder!"

Dave told me a story of how he responded to a member of his BNI network group who couldn't see why he should undertake more training in referral marketing when he was already getting referrals through his networking.

Dave's response was to compare his networking with a professional tennis player. After competing in a match, whether he won or lost, a professional player will analyse his game with his coach.

They notice that he wasn't winning a high percentage of his second serves. So that week, they spend a lot of their time working on perfecting his second serve technique. Then, at the next match, he puts that improved technique into practice and wins more points on his second serve.

It is inconceivable that Roger Federer or Andy Murray would even think "I know how to play tennis so I don't need to practice in between matches. I have nothing new to learn!"

Translating that metaphor to referral marketing works like this:

If you get your best business by introductions then think of your networking time as the match and the time you spend with your referral marketing coach as where you shift your skills up a level and start scoring on your second serve.

If you really want to get into the A-list and master your networking, you can read more in this blog post or contact me on 07970 638857 to discover how I can help you improve your game.

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More about Jacky Sherman ...

I help people build and maintain productive working relationships both with their work colleagues and with a wider network to win more business. I do this by combining my skills in coaching, mediation and training with my extensive experience in senior management.

What I love most about my work is when my clients get those a-ha moments because I know they have seen for themselves the way that they want to move forward. Then they will achieve their ambitions.

Helping people who are having challenges with their working relationships gives me enormous pleasure. It was my privilege when working in health care to see how people working together can make the impossible seem easy and accomplish miracles as a result.

So helping people build or restore strong relationship with their colleagues makes even the hardest work easier, alleviates distress for the individual and reduces problems for the whole organisation.

In all this work trust is an essential ingredient to winning business so most of my work comes through referrals. Referrals come through strong business relationships so it was a natural extension for me to work with Ascentiv and train others in how to get consistent and predictable referrals from their network.

What a fantastic way to earn a living!


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