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Starting Your Consultancy: Where Are Your Clients Based?

Can you focus a little more than just 'anywhere'?


Posted by Jacky Sherman on 02/09/2020 @ 8:00AM

When I ask that question to prospective clients or fellow networkers, I often get the answer of 'anywhere'! Now it may be true that you can deliver your consultancy anywhere in the world ...

When you start your consultancy, you need to decide where in the world your own clients are going to be!

When you start your consultancy, you need to decide where in the world your own clients are going to be!

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Now, we've all learnt to work remotely with our clients, and they are more comfortable working that way with you, this is a very possible outcome. However, when I'm working with clients, deeper questioning usually reveals they have a vision and a reality that is a lot more focused than just "anywhere".

I certainly get a better answer if I first ascertain what they want their consultancy to look like in 3 to 5 years time and then define where they will operate and who in their network is best positioned to help them!

Here's some lines of thought to help you decide where you 'fit' in the global scheme of consultancy and business support services that will help you decide where to put your efforts.

I'll start with "anywhere". Now, if your business is really relevant to the whole world and you wish to be a major player then your vision will be close to that of Bill Gates' vision for Microsoft in the 1980's as, "A computer on every desk and in every home".

  • Maybe your vision is to be a global business disruptor?

  • Maybe you have a new business model that will transform the way a sector will deliver their services such as Amazon did?

  • Do you wish to be major player offering skills and knowledge to businesses in countries where they lack that expertise?

  • Is it for the industrialised sophisticated consumers or emerging economies?

  • Is it helping overcome problems like poverty, infrastructure, pollution or disease?

More likely you may want to become a major player in a business sector which operates globally, working directly with the large international PLCs. You'll be offering expertise in a specific need to their people around the world. Or maybe you're limiting this to specific geographical areas or countries, like USA, South America, Carribean, Europe or India.

"I'll finish with those of you with more parochial ambitions
within in your own country!"

I'll use the UK as the example as I know it best. Do you want to focus on Britain, England, The North East, Midlands or Greater London? Or more localised still around specific counties, cities or towns?

Each of us will have personal reasons for choosing where we want to operate and knowing this and those reasons can help you define your territory far more precisely than just "anywhere".

I thought I'd finish with my personal rationale of where I operate. Asentiv is a global business development consultancy delivered through franchises. My personal ambition when I joined them was to become the Referral Marketing Specialist in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

My vision was, and remains, to be the first port of call for business in this area who wish to grow in collaboration with others and thus influence the success of the local business community and the wider society it is based in!

I have no intention of developing a wider geographical spread. However, my consultancy clients often have ambitions to operate nationally and internationally along the lines above. So, being part of a Global company gives me a network that stretches around the world that I can access when I wish.

My plans for growth are more about bringing in new people to the business with their own vision for building their own portfolio of clients within my franchise and with my support. If this sort of vision appeals to you or you need help defining your place in the world wide business community, then do get in touch.

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