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Successful Speaking Engagements

Jacky's top eight tips ...


Posted by Jacky Sherman on 22/06/2022 @ 8:00AM

I love speaking engagements ... most of the time. There are a few horror stories where I have got it wrong and bombed out and I still go hot and cold when I remember them! However, I'm still alive, my reputation intact and I love speaking in public ...

At speaking engagements, connect with your audience and keep your energy high.

At speaking engagements, connect with your audience and keep your energy high.


My secret to learning to love it? I learned from analysing the times when it goes well and what was different when I crashed and burned. So if you're having trouble standing up and speaking in public then maybe my top eight tips may help.

  1. I only talk about something I'm passionate about and really know the subject. That way I keep my energy up and enjoy the experience. Even if I forget my script I can keep going.

  2. I must know who my audience is and what they expect. I also need to care about them and believe that engaging with me and my subject will help them. If I love them then they will love me.

  3. Prepare well. Have a clear brief and a clear message and prepare it thoroughly, including how to deal with questions or disruptions. I have a detailed script with timing and follow it exactly. I know I said above that I can keep going if I forget my script, but I also know I tend to babble if I don't follow a structure! The best ad-libbers in the business world still work to some sort of a script, no matter whatever they tell you!

  4. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. That way if the nerves get to me the rehearsal is still in my head and the right words come out. I always have notes or some form of autocue but only as a reminder. I never read straight from my notes as I always end up sounding monotonous and bore the pants off my audience.

  5. Keep it simple. My biggest blushes have come when I have tried to be too clever! So now I use the language and content I would use naturally if talking to any single member of that audience.

  6. Power point technology is useful as a visual complement to what I'm talking about but not as an autocue. I avoid it whenever possible.

  7. I only do small events. I like to interact directly with my audience, so for me small is beautiful and I say "no" to the Royal Albert Hall when asked.

  8. Afterwards I always remind myself of a comment a wise counsellor told me many years ago. "Being imperfect is what makes you lovable." When it hasn't gone to plan then I just tell myself "I was practicing my lovability!"

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