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Are You Ready To Join A Mastermind Community?

What attitudes and values do you need?


Posted by Jacky Sherman on 13/05/2020 @ 8:00AM

A Mastermind community is a group of entrepreneurial people who dedicate time to working together to build each member a successful business ...

Mastermind community members believe themselves to be entrepreneurs!

Mastermind community members believe themselves to be entrepreneurs!

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This is done through sharing their knowledge, experience and resources. With expert facilitation, they evoke a 'collective brain' and achieve more than they ever could on their own.

However, not everyone is ready or willing to participate in the rigour and discipline needed for this success. So this week's blog post is a guide for the characteristics, attitudes and values that community members need to contribute fully and gain the personal results they seek from their membership.

"Mastermind community members believe themselves to be entrepreneurs!"

They see the world of business as an opportunity and are willing to take the risks necessary to achieve their vision of success. Within Asentiv mastermind communities, members are all business owners or leader, but in other groups, they may be made up of aspiring leaders, others who want to further their careers or those with a project that needs quick resolution. The important part is that they see themselves as peers, albeit with differing perspectives, knowledge and skills so their input is valued by other members of the community.

To take advantage of this you need the following attitudes and values:

  • Vision-driven - You need to keep focused on your vision for your future and not get distracted by side issues just because others may be. Equally, this focus keeps you from becoming dispirited when the going gets tough. A key role for your fellow members is to test your fortitude and help you recognise when a change is a deviation from your vision rather than a new route to the same aim.

  • Adventurous - Evoking the Mastermind means new ideas and way of tacking issues emerge from the group in the moment. To take advantage of this means you need to be willing to step into the unknown and see what emerges and solve the problems along the way.

  • Humility - You need to seek out and accept feedback, challenge and advice from others, explore it's potential before you choose to follow their viewpoint or not. Equally when offering your experience and advice to others be willing to accept that they may choose not to follow your wisdom this time. This can mean uncomfortable conversations but avoids the ease with which groups can shift from good relationships to groupthink or one dominant individual taking over the discussion and action.

  • Generosity - There will be times in the meeting when the attention is on others and your contribution to their issues will be needed. To be prepared to give others in the group your time and expertise and share your connections and other help they may need. Be generous with acknowledging the contributions others have made to your success.

  • Personal responsibility - Take charge of your own agenda and actions but recognise what you are responsible for and what legitimately is the responsibility of others. Be prepared to accept that innovation inevitably means some failure. Treat this as a fundamental part of learning.

  • Action orientated - The real power of Mastermind only comes when you take action. Every meeting should result in a firm commitment to do something that takes you nearer your vision and frequently assist other members to make their shift too. Commitment means you do it, no excuses.

If this looks like superwoman/man that's because it is! No-one will score 10 out of 10 for all these attributes, but the seed must be there first.

The Mastermind is about self-development and the degree to which each member strives to attain these qualities will determine the results they achieve. If you're willing to work on these attributes then joining an Asentiv mastermind community is right for you.

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