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Collaboration In Adversity

We have to think imaginatively ...


Posted by Jacky Sherman on 18/03/2020 @ 8:00AM

We’re all in for tough times over the next few months and I suspect the ramifications will be felt for much longer. We were discussing collaboration in adversity in our Asentiv team meeting this morning and the need to be supportive of each other, our client and our business contacts ...

A strategy of collaboration in adversity will help see us all through!

A strategy of collaboration in adversity will help see us all through!

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We were reminded of the moving story one of our founders Eddie Esposito gave about how he got involved in the business in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina which devastated his home neighbourhood as well as most of New Orleans.

"It was the philosophy of collaboration, support and community that drew him to want to be part of the organisation!"

What I didn’t know until today was that Eddie’s experience then influenced the foundation stone for our methods. What we call our Emotionally Charged Connection ®. This describes the, often hidden, real reason we choose the business we’re in.

All our clients explore this and share it with their close business relationships and it inspires and motivates others to want to help them and gives them the will to get through the hard times as well as the good.

So as their coaches, we hear a lot of histories about our clients' experiences and it’s surprising how often these are stories of overcoming adversity in some form or another. Also, how often it is about how others, either a single individual or a group, helped them in that process and now they want to pass that on to others.

A community comes into its own when faced with adversity. Members pull together and help each other to not just survive but thrive, strengthen their bonds and grow from the experience!

As a small business owner I, like many others, found that sense of community through belonging to business networks. Whenever I ask people what they get from attending such groups usually the first response is, "support!" In my own courses, it is noticeable how people quickly develop relationships to help each other overcome challenges.

It’s not surprising really because we have evolved as social animals and our strength and success come from working together. As John Donne amongst others said, “No Man is an island”.

So when we humans are faced with forces we don't understand or can’t control, our instinct is to band together. One of the hardest parts of this present crisis is that the solution is to self-isolate, keep our distance, hide away at home and the prospect is that this is for months, or even longer.

My tip is about how to overcome this. We have to think imaginatively about how we can be together whilst being apart, and I think it starts with keeping in touch. So if you’re self-isolating, or just feeling you’re on your own, take the initiative and phone up someone to check how they are feeling and explore how you can help each other.

"The best idea someone shared with me recently was to
have an online coffee together!"

Maybe you talk business, offer support have a chat or just listen. I bet you’ll both feel better afterwards and then pass that feeling on to others as a smile is more infectious than any virus. That kind of pandemic I think we can live with.

See you online soon!

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