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Branding: The Green Business Network

What’s in a name?


Posted by Jacky Sherman on 03/02/2021 @ 8:00AM

When you start up, it’s natural to get strung up about what to call yourself. Your business name becomes a central part of your brand. You may choose something that just has meaning for you, or you may try to find a name that expresses what you do ...

To steal a turn of phrase, the Green Business Network does what it says on the tin!

To steal a turn of phrase, the Green Business Network does what it says on the tin!

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Choosing a name that has significance for you means you have to put a lot of emphasis on getting the name associated with your product. Do you remember the massive TV campaign for the Orange mobile phone network that merged with T-Mobile to eventually become EE?

Another version of this for the smaller business is using your actual name. Still, you have to work at getting your name associated with that expertise: think Price Waterhouse Cooper.

The other way is to name the company after what you do. Ronseal famously introduced a new phrase to us as, "does what it says on the tin". A better example might be, "Go Compare". Here, there are likely to be many competitors with similar names and your emphasis is on differentiating yourself from those competitors.

"I've recently become the Chair of The Green Business Network!"

We've been working through re-vitalising our Vision and Mission statements and planning a broader range of services. Our name helps us to keep that focus. For me, it is our name, but also our strapline as in Green : Business: Network. As well as describing us to our stakeholders, it helps us keep the focus on what we are trying to achieve.

  • Green - is our core value. It's known pretty much known worldwide as a catch-all word for all things environmental, sustainable, climate change, pollution reduction and clean up, plants, save the tigers etc. So, everything we do has to be directly involved in this worldwide imperative.

  • Business - is who our customers are and also how we operate. We are solely involved in enabling businesses to contribute to the green agenda in a manner that is compatible with a successful business. No point in addressing a green agenda if the business goes bust as a result.

    Our Vision statement is, "There will be a Green Strategy in every business in our catchment area (Beds, Northants, North Bucks and Milton Keynes)".

    Our Mission statement is, "Through sharing knowledge, skills, experience and contacts the GBN enables businesses of all sectors and sizes to adopt green strategies and best practices that add value to their business".

    It also means we act as a business ourselves. Whilst grant funding has always, and always will, play a part in our finances, our main source of funding will be through trading as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation so our customers pay for products and services we provide.

    These statements also mean that we do not engage in other parts of the green agenda. We're not a political organisation nor lobbyist or activists. Neither are we directly engaged in educating or engaging with the general public although our customers may have those intentions. We may enable them to do so through our collective knowledge, experience and contacts. Which brings us nicely to the third part of our name

  • Network - we can't do it alone. The challenges many businesses face in playing their part in becoming green can be complex. Neither individual business owners nor the Green Business Network has all the answers.

    What we do have is an extensive network of business leaders, suppliers of green solutions, academics from local universities, business networking community groups. Many of these individuals and businesses have part of the solution which together can produce novel solutions. By connecting and enabling these people to develop new relationships, contribute and collaborate we can together make a significant contribution.

    Networking increases all members:

    • business opportunities

    • knowledge and skills

    • innovation

    • support

    It also enables businesses to give back and influence within their industry, local community and, if they wish, nationally and internationally. Who would you rather listen to? Someone who has addressed the issues or someone sitting on the sidelines having a moan?

This blog post started out talking about business names. I hope I've given you some insight into a name that is determined to play a part in the biggest challenge humanity has faced.

To address your Green agenda in a business-like manner join our network.

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