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Does This Course Work? Ask Someone Who’s Done It!

I talk to Ashish Kumar about his experiences ...

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Posted by Jacky Sherman on 25/11/2020 @ 8:00AM

When deciding to invest in training, the big question is not really how much it will cost or how much of your time it takes, but does it actually work. Does the course, webinar or workshop give you the skills and knowledge to do what you couldn’t do before, or do something better?

I speak to Ashish Kumar about his experiences with one of my courses!

I speak to Ashish Kumar about his experiences with one of my courses!

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The principles of adult learning state that we retain 10% of what we see, 30 to 40% of what we see and hear, and 90% of what we see, hear and do. So does the course you're looking at incorporate reading, being told stuff or reading, listen to a teacher and undertake activities to apply that knowledge to your circumstances.

What about asking someone who did the course to tell you what they gained from it? How about someone who did it 3-years ago? Now, that's a real test of whether a course has delivered lasting benefits. Watch and listen to this wonderful account by Ashish Kumar of his experience of working with Asentiv three years ago.

For 3-months, he spent one afternoon a week learning the material and adapting it to his business. Then the following 9-months he honed his skills then adapted and imbedded our referral marketing processes into his everyday work.

In Ashish's own words, "It has become part of me." That's a good enough endorsement for me.

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