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Closing a sale

We've all been there ...


Posted by Jacky Sherman on 29/06/2022 @ 8:00AM

You’ve had the initial sales meeting and it all seemed to go well. Your prospect says they need to talk it through with someone else. Then you get into a prolonged series of trying to get that final decision ...

the referral relationship triangle (referral partner = referrer, salesman = referred)

the referral relationship triangle (referral partner = referrer, salesman = referred)


He’s never in to take your call. You arranged to meet and then he cancelled and now it’s difficult to get a new date. Or maybe they just say they want to review it in a month or so?

Any sales trainer worth their fees will tell you to get a decision. Either it's a yes or it's a no. If you were referred, then there’s an easy way to get that decision!

Ask your referral partner to speak to them for you. As they already have a good relationship with the prospect they're in a far better position to get to the heart of what is stopping a final decision.

That’s the wonderful part of referral marketing - it's a three-way relationship. There are lots of ways you can use this for the benefit of all three of you - salesman, referral partner and prospect. If you're doing referral marketing then you’ll play all three roles at some time or another.

So what’s in it for you in each role?

  • Referral Partner - it makes it easier for you to refer again and again. If you refer someone who does a great job for one of your contacts it will strengthen your relationship with both of them. You will get known as someone who recommends quality people. People will want to be in your team and turn to you for recommendations when they are looking for suppliers.

    TIP: Keep in the relationship with both parties. Get some feedback on how it's going and be willing to get involved if things start to go awry.

  • Salesman - you get a great opportunity to do some business. Your referral partner helps you quickly develop a relationship with your prospect. If you're struggling to close the sale, your referral partner may be able to help as they already have a relationship with the prospect. They can give you feedback whatever the final decision is. Feeding back success will also encourage your referral partner to refer you again.

    TIP: Keep your referral partner informed on progress. Ensure you make them look good when you're with the prospect and when they become a client. Ask them for feedback and to facilitate if the prospect seems undecided.

  • Prospect - You have someone you can turn to for recommendations when you're looking for new suppliers. Who better? Someone who you know only recommends quality (well, they refer you don’t they?)

    TIP: Use your referral partners to help you source the services you need. This will help them with their other referral sources and motivate them to refer more to you too!

Want to learn more about how to build powerful relationships that can help you close a sale?

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