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Why Write Your Vision For Your Business In The Present Tense?

So you can live your future now ...

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Posted by Jacky Sherman on 22/04/2020 @ 8:00AM

I ask my clients to write up their vision statement in the present tense as if they have already achieved it. We imagine meeting up in 5-year's time and I ask them what's happening in their business ...

When you write your vision for your business, do it in the present tense!

When you write your vision for your business, do it in the present tense!

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Some find it easy to project themselves forward like this, whilst others struggle. What's the point? My take on it is to start living your vision now and act as if you had already achieved it.

A little bit on the psychological rationale behind this:

It's about how your brain, in particular, your subconscious brain, works. It doesn't recognise the difference in the past, present and future tenses. It only operates in the here and now. It is also very good at conserving energy so it takes the path of least resistance.

Doing something completely new takes enormous effort. Think about how shattered you were after your first driving lesson. Once you've had a few lessons it became easier and less tiring.

So visualising your future as if you were already living it 'tricks' your brain into thinking you have already done it. It starts to lay down those pathways for you to follow.

However, your brain is part of you and although you may trick yourself up to a point, nothing beats the real thing. So how much stronger will those pathways become when you have really done it?

How many sports people have you watched struggle for that first win? Even though they are competing against the same people and have to exert as much physical exercise, they make the second time look easy. Now they have made the strongest pathway "I win the gold" stronger than the old, "I got to the final".

"That's great, but, if visualising was all that was needed then the top step on the podium would look pretty crowded!"

We don't live in our heads, that's called day-dreaming; we live in the real world. We need to do all the things that will make us achieve our vision. Living your future helps you test out reality. So it's not what you are going to do next week, next year, but what you are doing now and what results you're getting now.

Knowing what you want in the future allows you to measure where you are. You can build on the success factor. Yes, I am this and yes we've achieved that. The other side is what I call the wriggle factor. When writing up your vision statement, which bit was hardest to write because you know you haven't cracked it yet? Where must you put your time and energy?

We are the architects of successful business communities based around the Northampton and Milton Keynes area.

We are renowned for providing state of the art knowledge and support to companies who want to grow their business through their relationships in a manner that matches their personal values and beliefs.

We as a team demonstrates how this is done through our own actions, we all walk the talk. Each of us has a diverse and inclusive community of referral partners. They all feel they get what they want financially and emotionally from being part of our business.

Our clients are successful businesses who support other businesses. They are known to be the preferred specialists in their particular area of expertise. They feel personally fulfilled in what they are doing in work and in their private lives.

They are all high givers and surround themselves with other high givers so together they get a deep satisfaction achieving success through collaboration.

In the box above, I have shared the vision statement for my own business with you. I can say I live this now, however, it is not yet at the level where I can say it's how I want the world to be once I've finished changing it. It does drive everything I do in the business towards that vision.

This brings me to the last point I'd like to share. Living your vision now means that you present that image to others. This increases your credibility with them and attracts the right people to want to work for and with, you.

Here's a nice personal example: In my vision, my team demonstrate how our methodology works ... we walk the talk. Jo Pogson, one of my most prolific referral partners said, "What I really like about you is that you role model your services. You don't just teach it, you walk the talk".

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