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Case Study: When Should I Use A Coach Or Mentor?

How I helped Paul Simpson of Tax Assist ...


Posted by Jacky Sherman on 26/10/2022 @ 8:00AM

The simple answer to the question of when should I use a coach or mentor is, “Right from the word go” and I always add, “Until I no longer add value to what you want to achieve” ...

I want to introduce you to Paul Simpson, Owner and MD of Tax Assist Market Harborough!

I want to introduce you to Paul Simpson, Owner and MD of Tax Assist Market Harborough!

copyright: paul simpson / taxassist market harborough

Where the coach or mentor really comes into their own is when you're making changes. Whether that's you who needs to change or your business, it's tough going it alone.

Whether you choose a consultant, coach, trainer or a mentor depends on what challenges you're facing. In this series of case studies, I use real case histories of my clients to show how to get results using different levels of interventions.

"I want to introduce you to Paul Simpson, Owner and MD of Tax Assist Market Harborough!"

Paul came to me hot on the heels of success. He had built and sold his own business and was now in the first year of developing a new business through a franchise with Tax Assist.

As a successful business person already, he understood the value of working with a mentor who was more experienced in some of the key areas where he felt he could raise his game.

He was also self-aware enough to know he needed to have someone to hold him accountable for doing what he said he would do. The particular skills he wanted to develop were in translating his networking activities into high-quality retained clients.

"How did we work together?"

We met once a month for around an hour at a negotiated date and time for 12 months. The sessions were mainly mentoring with me adding in my knowledge and experience of marketing a rapidly growing small business.

The first session set the scene by defining what Paul wanted to achieve from the sessions. This resulted in the first actions he would take. All following sessions started with an accountability check that he had delivered what he said he would do that month.

Then, with Paul leading the agenda and me providing either affirmation, challenge or alternatives to his decisions we set about making sure he stayed on track and met his financial, business and personal outcomes for the year.

"Did Paul get the results he was looking for?"

Paul says, "I have worked with Jacky for the last 12 months whilst starting my TaxAssist franchise. She has provided valuable assistance with my networking pitch and activities as well as making me focus on the clarity needed to select my ideal clients.

I massively exceeded my first-year targets and am in the process of buying a second franchise well ahead of my expected time frame. One of the contributory factors was the direction and accountability that Jacky brought to the table. I would not hesitate in recommending Jacky's services."

"What's next for Paul?"

Well, he is busy building his second Tax Assist franchise taking with him the experience of having done it the first time with the added knowledge and skills he gained from our time together. Could I still add value? Well yes, but Paul was a very seasoned business owner who recognised the need for extra knowledge and went out and got it and raised his game.

For now, I've added my part to his story and we'll stay in touch.

Until next time ...



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