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How Not To Go Broke When You're Busy

With help from the Referral Institute Northants ...



How sad. Last week, whilst networking, I had two conversations that prompted this blog post. Two successful small businesses are now in financial trouble because they stopped marketing. They both had great long term customers and felt they didn't need to do any more marketing. Guess what happened?

Both of them lost those great customers, through no fault of their own I might add. Their own customers went broke and now they're in trouble!

Both of them lost those great customers, through no fault of their own I might add. Their own customers went broke and now they're in trouble!

Yes, both of the small business owners understand that standing still in business is death, but they did it anyway. They thought it would never happen to them, but it does! They were so busy making money they didn't feel the need to invest time (and that hard earned money) into finding new customers. Seductive thinking isn't it?

I'm absolutely passionate about helping people not to get lost in the world of business. And I’d like to offer you a simple route to follow to avoid the "road closed" signs that these two people faced. Imagine if those two business people had invested in strong referral relationships during the good times? How different may their worlds be now?

  • Imagine if they had built up their referral network? Maybe they weren't looking for clients for themselves at that time, but spent some time each week just taking care of their contacts and making new business friends.

  • Imagine if they had identified key people who knew the sorts of clients they wanted?

  • Imagine if they agreed to help each other and became referral partners?

  • Imagine if they had kept those partners briefed about their business, great stories of their successes and the great testimonials they received, always building their credibility and their partners knowledge?

  • Imagine if they had helped those key business people to succeed too, via referrals or promoting them in other ways?

  • Imagine, having done that, what would happen when they went to these referral partners to ask for help to find new clients quickly? These partners would be equipped, ready, willing and able to help them!

  • Imagine having an insurance policy like that for your business?

I call that insurance policy a Referral Marketing plan and it’s about having a collaborative approach to business, which means that your network is right there beside you when you want (or suddenly need) new customers. Whether that is to start your business, expand one or when you are forced to take a diversion, isn't it better to have others along for the ride?

If you want to learn more about how to put this insurance policy in place for your business, don't wait until the road is closed! Call me on 07970 638857 and let's get you back on track again.

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I help people build and maintain productive working relationships both with their work colleagues and with a wider network to win more business. I do this by combining my skills in coaching, mediation and training with my extensive experience in senior management.

What I love most about my work is when my clients get those “aha” moments because I know they have seen for themselves the way that they want to move forward. Then they will achieve their ambitions.

Helping people who are having challenges with their working relationships gives me enormous pleasure. It was my privilege when working in health care to see how people working together can make the impossible seem easy and accomplish miracles as a result.

So helping people build or restore strong relationship with their colleagues makes even the hardest work easier, alleviates distress for the individual and reduces problems for the whole organisation.

In all this work trust is an essential ingredient to winning business so most of my work comes through referrals. Referrals come through strong business relationships so it was a natural extension for me to work with Ascentiv and train others in how to get consistent and predictable referrals from their network.

What a fantastic way to earn a living!


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