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Where Are You On Your Career Pathway?

An independent voice to give you confidence ...


Posted by Jacky Sherman on 03/03/2021 @ 8:00AM

This week I’m stepping aside to hand over my blog post to one of my close business relationships. Jo Thurman runs a highly successful career coaching business. As you can imagine she has been super busy this last year ...

If you're looking for a career coach, talk to Jo Thurnman!

If you're looking for a career coach, talk to Jo Thurnman!

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She helps people make sense of the extraordinary events of the pandemic and the impact it has had on their work and personal life. For a great many people, it has been a time to take stock and gain back control over how they spend their time. In times of stress, we re-discover that our work is as much about how we spend our time doing what we enjoy as it is about earning money.

"This is what Jo has to say!"

What do we mean by career? To use that hackneyed phrase, it's a journey. A series of job steps that sometimes obviously connect, or a pathway with twists and turns. We change our job for many reasons; relocation, boredom, a falling out, progression; sometimes a redundancy, so out of our hands. How do we get a perspective on the whole picture and make smart decisions for our career future?

Partners, family and friends can be forthright, sharing what you could and should do. Academic and first career choices can be led by these opinions, setting you on a pathway that you might spend years questioning if you can deviate from.

This input comes from their personal experience, hearsay or maybe from regrets or maybe to keep you safe. Whilst well-meaning, it doesn't make it right for you.

Sometimes what's needed is a coach to be accountable to, who will ask the difficult questions and help gather thoughts and bring perspective, clarity and importantly objectivity. Working with a specialist career coach will help you look at your whole career and tease out your value and where that fits in the world of work. You'll create a career action plan to take control, make decisions with confidence and be more opportunistic along the way,

"With your career coach alongside you for the journey!"

Jo, unsurprisingly, makes the case for an independent voice to give you confidence in your decisions along the way. Even if your experience has meant you spent this year toughing it out, now is a great time to take stock and plan your new route with someone alongside to guide your thinking.

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