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Have You Put Off Adding Videos To Your Marketing?

As soon as the camera is facing me, I turn to wood ...



I’ve been putting this off for years! Why? Because it makes me feel uncomfortable and when I feel uncomfortable I can procrastinate with the best of them ...

As soon as the camera is facing me, I turn to wood!

As soon as the camera is facing me, I turn to wood!

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I know, because everyone tells me, that video is an essential part of marketing on-line. Yet deep inside me, I just didn’t get it. So after a few half-hearted attempts, I sidelined it. Analysing my own behaviour and the internal dialogue I have with myself there is an overarching reason.

"What puts me off is the generally poor quality of videos I see online on people’s website!"

They look what they are, homespun and amateurish. Sometimes it is the camera work and sometimes it is the skill of the person facing the camera; usually, it is both. My own attempts to date fall into that last category.

I know that as soon as the camera is facing me, I turn to wood. Suddenly, I can’t think of a thing to say and if I’ve learnt a script, it comes across as wooden and unnatural. Like a lot of people, I get a rude shock as I see myself as others see me instead of the face in the mirror. Put the two together, and the resulting output is nothing I’d like to broadcast to the world.

Camera work is the other problem. Poor camera work and sound quality compound the problem. It’s interesting that many people will pay to have professional photos for their profile on-line and then take a DIY approach to the video.

There are shining examples where that doesn’t apply. Some promotional videos on people’s website have obviously been put together professionally with a considerable investment in both the technique and the polished performance by the individuals. This video of Sunil Bali is one of my favourites.

Now I want a video like that so the answer is obvious. Invest in the skills as a presenter to camera and employ a professional to do the camera work and editing.

However, there are other times when video adds value. For example, when you are collecting testimonials. They certainly add authenticity and credibility to your endorsements.

This has the pitfall that it is not you presenting but the person giving you the testimonial. It is in your interest to ensure they come across well. You want real content on what they got from working with you. Your 'advocates' want to look good so will not thank you for broadcasting a video that shows them in a bad light to all who read your website.

Now, few of us can afford to trail a camerman around behind us collecting testimonials all the time. Whilst you can arrange a photoshoot for testimonials it will get expensive. Besides, the best one’s are captured in the moment especially if like me you’re running events or offerig business services. So learning some camera techniques, how to make people relax and put themselves across naturally, are further skills to learn.

"So this is where I am in my journey to produce high-quality video content for my marketing!"

My first thought was who can give me those skills and stop me procrastinating? As you can imagine my approach was to ask some people who they would recommend and one of the people I was introduced to was Neil Ben. Before even speaking to him I went to his website to see what his personal promotional video was like.

At first glance it appeared to be the standard video of someone talking at me, a style that usually does nothing for me. However he quickly captured my attention with his words and the way he put it across.

This was the first time ever that this sort of promotional video persuaded me that this was likely to be the person that could help me. Then I read his words and talked to him on the phone and knew I had found someone with the right skills, background and attitude to give me the confidence, knowledge and techniques I needed.

To start with, Neil has agreed to run a one day training session in basic techniques here in Northamptonshire for those of us who want to produce higher quality video promotions and learn enough camera techniques using a smartphone to get video testimonials that show our advocates in the best light.

So my tip this week is take a critical look at the times you’ve allowed yourself to be captured on camera:

  • Are you really coming across the way you want to present your business?

  • When someone asks you to give them a video testimonial do you squirm when you see it played back?

  • Do you get video testimonials that don’t do you or your clients justice?

  • Is it time to develop your skills at talking to camera or taking videos of other people?

If, like me, Neil inspires you with confidence then do book onto the course with me. We can improve our skills together and produce videos that have real impact.

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