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How Jacky Met Suzan And Graham

And how one thing can lead to another ...



What intrigued me was something Suzan wrote in her blog. I can't for the life of me remember what it was and it really doesn't matter now. What I do remember is I read loads of strangers' blogs on LinkedIn and I don't usually invite the author to come networking with me. Yet with Suzan I did ...

Suzan writes for a living and in particular, writes compelling words that get you noticed and more importantly to take action. Her words certainly spurred me into action.

"These days networking is a wonderful mixture of online and in-person meeting of minds, so having a strong credible online presence matters!"

Through your website, blog and social media channels you have the opportunity to do so much more than simply advertise your products and services. You can express your personality and attract people towards you who want to work with you. And, of course, you can identify those who you would like to get the know in return.

From a referral point of view it has another use. It helps to make it easy for others to refer you. There are the obvious things that spread the word about you. Your contacts can 'like' and share your pages and posts, they can comment on your blog and they can endorse your products and services and give strong online testimonials.

All this builds a powerful in depth picture of what you have to offer and adds credibility that you can deliver too. When someone refers you in person to a potential new client, they know that what they say about you is backed up with evidence.

Two skills are needed to present yourself professionally online. Your words need to be compelling and stir people into action. This content also needs to reflect your personality and the best way to get this across is via the fastest growing online tool available: the video.

"Aagh, the homespun video! Five minutes seems an age when listening to someone talk woodenly!"

I personally never make it to the end. You must come across as natural, interesting and professional when talking to the camera lens and that requires a different approach to talking to a live audience.

So back to Suzan. Who better to come as a guest speaker to talk to my clients about writing online? We met up to talk about working together on this and I mentioned the video training. "You need to speak to Graham" was her response. She meant Graham Miller who she had met at her social media networking group.

Graham has the advantage over most of us. His credibility comes from 20 years of broadcasting for ITN and Thames News and Sport, many of which are on Youtube. He was certainly a part of many a memorable sporting moment in my life. Here's one of my favourite clips of Graham in action.

He now runs a PR and presentation skills business locally. What a find; thank you Suzan! We met up and discussed how we could collaborate and bring all our skills together to offer clients the best help to enhance their own online presence. As a result, the Referability Boot Camp was born.

I'll leave it to my word expert, Suzan to describe this unique event:

"Here you'll learn everything you need to do and say to show your contacts just how referable you are ... and give them everything they need to know to recommend you.

This is an intensive workshop that brings together three experts whose combined skills cover every aspect of empowering your referability. It includes your performance face-to-face, in writing and on camera, making sure your messages are consistent throughout."

So two referral tips for you this week to help you take a look at your online presence:

  1. First is your message both online and in person clear. Is it consistent and compelling? Talk to some of your close network and check that it helps them to promote you and, even better, to personally introduce you to the people you want to meet.

  2. Secondly, if you are avoiding writing a blog post or facing the camera because you don't have the skills or confidence, then is it time to add this into your personal learning for the coming year? Who knows who you might meet as a result?

And lastly, a blatant plug: If you'd like to find out about the Referability Boot Camp. click here for more information and to reserve your place.

Got any questions about it? Call me on 07970 638857 today!

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