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In Business, Always Preach To The Converted

Rather than shouting at the masses ...



I meet a lot of people who have gone into business for themselves with a passion to make a difference. They are like preachers and they talk eloquently about how their services can make life so much better for other people ...

We can all be evangelic about our businesses, but surely it's better to preach to the converted rather than shouting at the masses?

We can all be evangelic about our businesses, but surely it's better to preach to the converted rather than shouting at the masses?

Often, they also express their frustration about how many people they meet who obviously need their services, but just won't buy them. They spend a lot of time and money refining their marketing message and sales technique in how to persuade the doubters.

It's called overcoming objections. They offer discounts or work for free, offer stronger and stronger incentives, make bigger and bigger promises in order win converts. "Come and join me and you'll be saved!" they shout from the rooftops!

"Have you ever persuaded a client to buy from you this way and then totally lived to regret it?"

These are the clients who waste your time and suck your energy. Chances are, you cannot live up to your billing and the client looks for more and more discounts and special offers to keep them on side and somehow it is never enough?

So how about preaching to the converted instead? You're more likely to be successful both in securing the client and then delivering a great result. They are much less likely to quibble about price and be more appreciative of the value you add.

Funnily enough, they just don't seem to raise objections! And you are much more likely to enjoy working with them too!

Once you get past your fears of not getting converts (oops sorry, sales), it's an incredibly freeing experience. You are no longer selling, you are enabling people to buy from you.

So who are the converted?

  • Existing satisfied clients.

  • People who are like your existing satisfied clients.

  • People with the same needs who share your values and beliefs.

  • People with the same needs who are dissatisfied with their current results or provider.

  • People who approach you because...? Something you presented/said or did resonated with them. Find out what that is and add it to your message for the future.

So my Referral Institute Tip for this week is this:

Analyse your best clients in terms of the types of people they are, their values, beliefs and what made them buy from you originally. Align your marketing messages, images and style to attract more of these type of people.

Always stay true to the values and beliefs that have won you these great clients. Brief your referral sources to be your disciples and advocates so they can spread your message and introduce more people like this to you.

"They're just waiting to be invited
into your flock!"

At the Referral Institute Northampton we believe that businesses are more successful for themselves, their people and their customers if they work together as a community with a common sense of purpose and ideals.

If you'd like to expand and strengthen your referral community then you should call me on 07970 638857 or click here to ping over an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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