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A couple of years ago, I got really ill. I didn't do any real work for nearly a year. As anyone who runs their own small business knows, being ill means no work, and no work means no money ...

Another great networking tip this week about spending time on your support networks!

Another great networking tip this week about spending time on your support networks!

Then, when I was ready to go back to work, there was that sinking feeling. Oh no. I've got to start all over again. Except I didn't. I had spent the years before building my business relationships, so when I turned to those people for help, they were there for me.

The result was two of my Asentiv colleagues came over to re-launch my business, and the wonderful people in my network group put 50 people in a room for me!

The value of this support to me was much more than just opportunities to win new clients. It made me feel valued, wanted and secure, and that gave me the confidence to re-build.

I'm reminded about this every time I help people analyse the value of their network, and I usually share the story with them. So, what are the crucial things about relationships that makes us want to help others as these people helped me?

Daniel Goleman, in his book Social Intelligence, asserts that most people have an innate altruistic impulse. We help others not for, "What's in it for me?", but because we're wired to do so. We relate to other people through developing empathy. We feel what the other is feeling and experience their emotions. So, we hurt when they hurt, and also share their joy. Goleman goes on to point out that this caring for others can become muddled or suppressed and overridden when our relationships have an insecure base.

In essence, feeling cared for frees us up to care for others. These 'significant others' in our lives are the people we've bonded with. Our reward comes in terms of getting a shot of the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

Every contact we have with them gives us that positive emotional kick and strengthens the bond further. And what's more, once the bond is formed, even just thinking about them or seeing their picture has this effect, although not to the same degree.

So, what can you take away from this about how you can build business relationships so that you feel secure that there are people there for you when you need them?

This is the power of regular contact with the same people rather than flitting from network event to network event. Every time you see these people you give them a feel-good shot, and they do this to you too. Add in seeing your face in their social media feeds, and the effect can be profound.

I'll leave you with another story that promoted this week's blog post. A friend, client and key member of my network sent me a link to a new networking opportunity that matches the type of people I want to meet. The message was, "I saw this and thought of you". My immediate response was a little punch of pleasure. How kind how nice to know she's thinking of me and now, of course, I'm thinking of her too! Cheers Kathy, for the little kick of Oxytocin that set me up to tackle the challenges of the day.

"Would you like to know more?"

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