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7 Steps To Getting New Business When You're On Holiday

Without needing to use your laptop by the pool ...



A few years ago, we were on holiday in Italy. Every day, when I sat by the pool, I'd see a man on a lounger deeply engrossed in his laptop. Every quarter of an hour or so, two children tried to attract his attention, only to be fobbed off with ''go and play, Daddy's working'' ...

Wouldn't you rather have fun with your family instead of just watching them from afar?

Wouldn't you rather have fun with your family instead of just watching them from afar?

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I got to wondering what they wrote in the inevitable post-holiday school assignment entitled "What did you do on your holidays?" and at what point their dad would regret not planning time with his children while they were away.

I'm not going to write about the benefits to you, your family and your business of having a complete break. It's obvious surely? I suspect there will be loads of blogs advocating it doing the circuit over the coming month or so.

The reality of running a business (or being employed with an awful boss) is that it is really difficult to completely switch off. However you can keep the amount you do down to the bare minimum with some good planning and delegation.

"And the one area where this will really pay dividends is in your referral marketing!"

Your referral partners can carry on promoting your services and meeting people for you whilst you're in the pool with the kids, or on a sun-kissed beach reminding your wife why she loves you (or your personal version of this).

So here are my 7 steps to ensure you cultivate new business whilst on holiday:

  1. Build and maintain strong referral relationships

    You should search for key people to work with throughout the year. Your aim should be to establish an agreement that you will generate business for each other on a continuous basis. These people then become your referral partners.
  2. Have an annual referral marketing plan

    This will include all the activities that you will do to help your partners gain new business. Make sure you're honouring what you say you will do for them so this will motivate them to do the same for you whilst you're away.
  3. Schedule your holiday into your plan, book it and pay for it

    Then you're more likely to actually go!
  4. Before you go brief your referral partners on your plans

    Let them know what you'll do for them when you return and agree with them what they can do for you whilst you're away. This may be identifying key people you want to meet, promoting an event or product launch you're planning for the autumn.
  5. Send your referral partners a post card whilst you're away

    Resist talking about business on it as the purpose is just to acknowledge your relationship and most people love to receive something personal to them. Posting your holiday snaps on Facebook is just not the same.
  6. When you get back refreshed and ready for action return the favour

    As soon as you can, find them some great opportunities ready for when they return from their holiday trip.
  7. Organise a social get together in the autumn to thank each other

    How about making this a family event and further deepening your relationship?

I always remember meeting the wife of one of my clients for the first time. She clutched my hand and said "thank you for getting me back my husband". For the first time in years, he hadn't worked constantly while away.

This also means that when the kids get back to school and write their essay, it will talk about how embarrassing you were doing the limbo at the beach BBQ. Far into the future, your family get-togethers include great tales starting "hey Dad, remember when we went to ... ?"

"Wherever you are in your referral marketing plan, have a great summer and check these 7 steps ready for your Christmas break too!"

Ok, someone needed to be the first to mention it, but seriously, if you'd like some help implementing these steps, do get in touch with me on 07970 638857 or click here to send me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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