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You can tell an awful lot about a person from their shoes. However you never really know a person until you stand in their shoes and walk around in them (taken from Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird) ...

You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them!

You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them!

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Now, people are all unique and we all have our funny little ways, but maybe we're not as unique as we like to think we are? We tend to have a preferred way to behave that can be categorised by two criteria that together, make up our usual style.

"We are either task-focused to get things done or people-focused where relationships matter more!"

We also tend to be fast paced and just get on with things, or more measured, so we like to check out either the task, or the people, before acting.

Did you know you can often tell a person’s style just by looking at their shoes? Imagine being able to work out how to influence them before you even speak to them.

Recognising and understanding other people’s preferred style will help you quickly build rapport with them. After all, it’s only then that you will get on the same wavelength, speak the same language and, most importantly, value how your differences can complement each other.

"This is crucial to building a robust business relationships that will underpin your referral marketing plans and sales meetings!"

You can scroll through the blog posts I have written on this subject on various occasions, however, the best source to understand how to recognise and relate to people whose style differs from you is to hear it directly from them. And even better, you can explain to them how you like to be treated too.

I’m running a workshop on the 30th June which enables you to do exactly that: learn your own style and how to recognise others’ style before you even meet them. Together we’ll go through a fun, informative afternoon learning from each other how we like to be treated. The result is less time wasting and better results from your networking

Here’s some idea of what you’ll learn as I address this blatant pitch in each of the four styles. Do you recognise yourself and others?

  • Go Getters ... If you're fast paced and task focused you already know if you want to do this or not. Reserve your seat here.

  • Promoters ... Can I tempt you with a wonderful opportunity to connect with a host of new people and have some fun together whilst learning? We’re really looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you. Book and join in here. Oh! Do bring some friends along too.

  • Nurturers ... I know you like to take your time getting to know people. This is an opportunity to listen to others and assess how you can help them in a non-pressured manner. Maybe you'd like to come with a close business friend and learn together how to build trusting relationships with different types of people? Reserve your place here or you may prefer to talk to me about it first. Click here to send me a message and I'll call you.

  • Examiners ... This 3 hour workshop will give you a DISC self-assessment to understand your own behavioural style, then it will take you systematically through a series of exercises that will increase your knowledge about the other styles. You can join in or sit back and just absorb the information. Check out further information here.

As well as the research-based knowledge that I will share, you will hear directly from the other participants how they think. Then you can work out the differences and what that means for you when networking.

"Would you like to know more?"

I suspect you may need further information before making a decision about whether this is a good use of your time so click here to send me a message and either ask your questions or request I call you to give you more information on what this workshop can do for you.

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