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How Easy Is It To Meet New Clients?

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Statistics show that you are going to meet new clients every 35 days, completely by chance. A fairly common comment about cold calling is that it is just a numbers game ...

If you're looking to meet new clients then, like betting, it really is a numbers game!

If you're looking to meet new clients then, like betting, it really is a numbers game!

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Contact enough people, and eventually, you will find the one that wants to buy your services. Always sounded to me like trying to win the lottery.

"But it is backed up by Littlewoods Law!"

Cambridge Mathematician J.E. Littlewood coined this law as an aside to show that you will experience one in a million chances actually happening on a regular basis. Not as miracles or because you did anything, but just because that is how the mathematics work.

He said the average person is alert for about eight hours a day and something happens to them about once a second. At this rate, you will experience one million events every 35 days. So if you say there is a million to one chance of something happening it also means it will happen every 35 days.

Can you extrapolate from that to my statement at the beginning that you will meet an ideal client just by chance every 35 days without you doing anything to make it happen? I think not.

After all, if you stayed in bed watching soap operas and ignoring your phone and internet then the odds of meeting someone at all, let alone your ideal client, would be much, much higher that one million to one.

Secondly, even if you were proactive, out and about mixing with loads of different people, you still have to notice and recognise your ideal client when, for example, they bump into you on a busy street.

"Otherwise, your miracle chance encounter has been and gone for that month!"

However, there are some simple actions you can do to shorten the odds and help you meet more than just one ideal client every 35 days:

  1. First increase your visibility by being out and about actually meeting people, either face-to-face or by being on-line. After all, meeting people has got to be one of the events that happen to you in that 35 day period.

    For the mathematically challenged of my readers, you don’t need to meet a million people, but you will improve your chances of meeting the right ones by mixing with either your potential clients or people who know them.

  2. Shake off your complacency. Chances are you have already had your miracle and met someone who bought from you purely by chance just by being out and about . Are you regularly repeating that success? I’m assuming that you want more than one new prospective client every month. Do you really want to leave that to pure chance?

    Hone your message, your skills in selling and relationships. Mix with people who can spot opportunities for you and take advantage of what is happening in their world as well as your own.

  3. Which brings me to my last suggestion: have a clear picture of what your ideal client looks like so that you will recognise them when you see them .

    It still amazes me that many people I meet when out and about in business who cannot describe their ideal client. I wonder how many people they have passed by that are aching to buy what they have to sell or know someone who wants what they have to offer? Then add in all the people they know who haven’t noticed the opportunity for them because they weren’t aware what to notice.

Take heart, the opportunities to meet your ideal clients are out there and by increasing your awareness and networking skills you can easily achieve a far better chance of winning their business.

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