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How To Achieve A Spectacular Life!

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Like many companies, Asentiv has a mission statement. A statement of what we do and how we do it. Our intention is to build communities that generate amazing business and a spectacular life ...

A spectacular life of spectacular landscapes; Asentiv can help you achieve both!

A spectacular life of spectacular landscapes; Asentiv can help you achieve both!

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I will confess that when I first heard this, I squirmed at the adjective spectacular. Spectacular is defined in the dictionary as exciting and interesting because of being large or extreme, breathtaking or glorious.

"All a bit over the top for me!"

Then I got to wondering what's wrong with wanting my life and that of my clients to be breathtaking and glorious? Nothing! As long as the detail of what constitutes breathtaking and glorious resonates with each of us.

It's exactly what I want for both myself and my clients. I expect it is what you want too. However, what 'spectacular' actually consists of will differ widely for each of us.

Let's take a little detour into another subject often referred to as spectacular, to draw out what I mean. All sorts of different landscapes can be described as spectacular. Some personal ones that have been breathtaking for me come to mind.

Let's start with the two most dramatic:

  • I remember the first time I visited the Alps. We boarded a sleeper train on a dull grey evening in Calais and woke up winding through snow covered mountains where every twist of the train opened up yet another view of what to me was fairyland.

    Whilst the journey is less exciting now, that sense of anticipation as we enter the mountains comes back to me every time visit. At that moment I can still hear my mother laughing at our astonished reactions all those years ago.

  • The second was driving up the side of Vesuvius, on coming round a bend in the road you suddenly see the jagged scar of how the mountain was torn asunder. I could feel the power behind that event as if I'd been there. It literally took my breath away.

Yes, all dramatic and spectacular and yet neither of these is the one that makes my heart sing. That's reserved for a much more gentle view here in Northamptonshire.

There's a road that crosses the ridge from Whilton Mill towards Northampton where you can turn off and drop down to Flore Village. As you come around the corner, there is a view of rolling green fields with sheep and woods.

"Each time I use that route, I feel the same!"

It's gentle, unassuming and spectacularly beautiful and I just want to stop and stay there. Aren't I lucky? I can visit this spot whenever I like. It is part of my version of a spectacular life. Of course, your favourite spectacular scenery will be different as will the others things that define your version of a spectacular life.

It may be that you want the millionaire lifestyle and be able to visit breathtaking places around the world, or it may be that who you're spending your time with is more important.

I'll finish with a conversation I had recently with a highly successful businessman. What does he want to change to achieve his spectacular life? Two things:

  • To be able to spend more time away from work with his family

  • To feel able to reject clients who, to quote him, "weren't very nice people"

My tip for you this week is to explore what's really important to you in your life and make sure that your work is moving you towards achieving this. It may not that dramatic or over the top, but when you achieve it will be where you want to stop and stay.

"Would you like to know more?"

If you'd like to find out more about Asentiv and how we can help you to define and achieve your own spectacular life, then do give me a call on 07970 638857 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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