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The Consultant's Consultant

Are you running a stand-alone consultancy? Unsure of what to do next? Using a
unique mixture of coaching, mentoring, teaching and facilitation, I can support you whether you've just come out of employment or are struggling to grow further

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Latest Blog Posts

Over the years, I have written many blog posts on a wide variety of business development subjects for consultants. Here are the latest three

The Meadow And Your Business

I first heard of the concept of Biomimetics (biomimicry) many years ago and buried it in the back of my brain ...

Commitment Is A Double-Edged Sword

I was having a conversation with someone this week about a member of our network group who constantly lets us down after saying he would do something ...

Networking Skills: 3 Tips To Answer ''What Do You Do?''

The most common opening question at a networking event is ''What do you do?''. Answering is a basic networking skill ...

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